Monday, October 3, 2011

My Writing Playlist #2

Hi, all. Every once in a while, I list a few of the artists/songs I've been listening to lately while writing. Maybe this will help you get into a good head-space while you write your WIP. I'm working on a fast-paced young adult fantasy novel at the moment, so I need lots of high-octane tunes to get me through my writing day

Note: I don't like a lot of lyrics with my tuneage, especially when I'm trying to write a complicated scene, so I've found that these artists are great for that. If there are lyrics involved, the singers' voices are sweet and soft and don't elbow in on my thoughts.

Just click on the little icon at the end of each description to be taken to sites where you can hear samples of the music. Some of these albums are better for listening to while writing certain scenes than for others. Here goes:

1.) Loud Pipes by Ratatat

This NYC duo really hit a nerve with me. It's got driving undertones that really help me when pacing a scene where tempo builds to a crescendo. But, oddly, at other times it soothes me so that I can write more tender scenes. The song sort of reflects whatever mood you're in, or what mood you need to be in. If you know you have to write a hard-driving scene on a certain day but just don't feel up to it, pop this in your iPod and give it a try.


2.) Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

Going against my pre-stated disdain for lyrics in songs (I know: a writer who dislikes lyrics? Weird, I admit), I love this song. The dude sings so lightly through most of it, and in such a weird register that I only hear as background noise, that this is perfect writing material. Their stuff varies widely, and is uneven quality-wise, but this song, to me, is fantastic. There's something about it that reminds me of an ending song for a movie, something that signifies a denoument, so it's good to listen to if you're trying to wrap a scene up and can't figure out how.


3.) Animals by Miike Snow

I know nothing about this guy (so I have no idea why he spells his name with two "i"'s), but stumbled across him while listening to Pandora. I couldn't tell you a single lyric from any of his songs; it's great for background writing music, because, for whatever reason, his music puts me at ease. Good for writing upbeat or whimsical scenes.

last fm

4.) Is There a Ghost by Band of Horses

Leave aside the atrocious video here and the godawful group name (it reminds me of a bunch of My Pretty Ponies running through a sun-dappled forest) and this music is oddly hypnotic. Good for writing transitional scenes where time is passing by because it's got a lyrical, time-gone-by feel to it.

last fm

This is just a brief sample of what I've been listening to lately. Hopefully these songs help you relax and write well. Do you have any suggestions for good writing music? Let me know in the comments section!

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