Friday, April 1, 2011

The second post hurdle

I've started scads of blogs that I was excited about, that I put my full effort behind crafting a great first post...and then totally abandoned. Upon reflection, the novel idea for blogs that I thought I had--writing about only the negative parts of films everyone loved ("Film Negatives"), a blog that lampooned the social media boom ("Tech Dump")--turned out to be not that great.

So, that's why I'm excited about my second blog post! I'm still writing my first YA novel, so I don't have much to report on business-wise at the moment, though I have been following "author monetization week" and discussion of Kindle millionaires on Nathan Bransford's terrific blog, and getting excited.

The big question for me (and I'm not even close to being able to upload my book to the Kindle, Nook, et al. at this point) is how to price a first book? I don't want to under-value it (by the end of the process, it will have taken me a couple of years to get from square one to a finished product), but then again, according to Amanda Hocking, she prices the first books in her series at 99 cents in order to get readers interested. And I haven't even thought about paperback publishing through Smashwords or whoever yet.

Anyway, best not to get way out on a limb at this point. I'm only able to invest one hour per day in writing (an hour and a half if I'm lucky!) which is SO not even remotely enough time to put into something as arduous a craft as writing. But I'm steadily pushing forward, hoping my little snowball, with enough effort, will turn into a massive, Indiana Jones-style boulder of ice and sludge (OK, that metaphor just went off a cliff) in the months ahead!

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